The Overview Effect

When astronauts see Earth from outer space, they are in awe of just how beautiful, but also how vulnerable our home planet really is.

This is called ‘the Overview Effect’. In the video below, you see five astronauts describe this effect with both passion and clarity.

When you listen to them, you can sense how deeply moved they are, having seen our planet from that perspective. “Indescribably beautiful. An oasis against infinity”. “Fragile, with that protective atmosphere barely hugging the surface”.

We live here thanks to the sun’s energy, our planet’s atmosphere, water and natural capital. However, the way we currently produce energy, food and everything else, we exceed our planet’s boundaries.

We need to transition to a circular economy. One that takes nature into account. EcoValue was founded by Miriam van Gool to support this transition.

The Overview Effect is both her inspiration and way of working. Zooming in on specific issues, and out again to see the bigger picture.

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EcoValue was founded by Miriam van Gool. Her mission is to support the transition to a sustainable future. Her vision: a circular economy that takes nature into account. Want to know more about the person behind the name? Click here