My name is Miriam van Gool, and I founded EcoValue in 2006. My mission is to support the transition to a sustainable economy. If you contact me, I will carefully listen to understand your sustainability challenge. Then help you – directly, with partners or by referring you to someone else.

Making connections is how I work. Connecting people, as part of a global network. Seeing the big picture, connecting dots. I have an MSc in Biology, but see that as the start of a life-long education. The new economy needs multi-disciplinary thinking.

Over the last twenty years I have led teams and programs in various parts of the world. Working for WWF NL for almost a decade I traveled to over 15 countries, and I lived in West-Africa three years working for the World Bank’s IFC. I consulted for the private sector, NGO’s, knowledge institutions and governments. The red thread: the value of nature. Hence the name, EcoValue.

Below are logos of some of the organizations I have worked for. Learn more about projects I have done under Services, check out my vision and knowledge under Expertise, or explore my network through my LinkedIn profile here.

My love for nature is deep-rooted. I love hiking, birding, canoeing and taking people out on my boat. In recent years, I increasingly take my camera with me when exploring nature. For a glimpse at some of my wildlife encounters click here.