What does ‘Natural Capital’ mean to businesses?
What do astronauts mean when they speak of ‘the Overview Effect’?
Each video tells its own story.

What is ‘Natural Capital’? What is its value to you?
Why should your business invest in it?

This clip explains in a really practical way how natural capital affects every business.

To start with: where does your company source its raw materials from…?

You probably know this one: Julia Roberts does an excellent job in her voice over as Mother Earth. Conservation International did an outstanding job creating this clip. That last sentence is brilliant…
‘I am prepared to evolve. Are you?’

Did you know it is one of a series of 12 similar clips, all with a celebrity with a similar passion for our planet? I will provide links to several others below (to follow), or you can go to CI’s website ‘Nature is Speaking’ to see them all now: www.natureisspeaking.org

At 20 minutes, this is the longest video here, but perhaps also the most profound. In it, astronauts describe a truly awesome experience.

Every astronaut returns home with a deep, newfound respect for spaceship Earth. Because no matter how exciting the exploration of Mars and other planets, Earth is the gem within our solar system. Only here do we have a protective atmosphere, forests, oceans, diversity of life. Only here can billions be fed by crops grown in healthy soil.

Please watch the video to hear how astronauts explain it: he Overview Effect.

You may have seen ‘Mother Nature’ above with Julia Roberts. But do you know this one too? This time Ian Somerhalder gives his voice to Coral Reefs.

Colorful, yet hidden beneath the surface. Valued by divers whose hearts are warmed by the spectacular scenery. Yet the diversity in and around coral reefs also provides us with other services. Coral reefs are the nurseries of the ocean. Many fish species depend on them, and many communities depend on fish. We can benefit from ‘ecosystem services’, as long as we allow stocks to replenish.

Nature is resilient, but there are limits. That is a circular economy too – knowing when and how to let ecosystems recover.

In this video, Penelope Cruz is Water. One of the most undervalued commodities on the planet. We think it is simply ‘there’. And risk realizing its value only once it’s too late. When there is a huge drought, or the water is heavily polluted.

Do you know what virtual water is? It is the hidden water use in our food, our clothes. It takes 140 liters to make one cup of coffee and 2350 liter for a burger.

Every person alive should have access to safe drinking water. And together we should find good mechanisms to ensure fair distribution of water for all other uses. We are not there by a long shot, but we can do it. As long as we recognize the true value of water.