You are organizing an event and are looking for a keynote speaker. Someone who makes a connection with the audience, combining information with inspiration.

We can not make the transition to a sustainable economy without touching people’s hearts. Without making the connection between what our mind knows and what our hearts feel.

Everyone cares about a healthy environment and safeguarding our planet. About safe drinking water, nutritious food, clean air. It’s just that not everyone makes the connection between their daily activities and the planet we leave the next generation.



In discussing your event, we would considering your audience, their level of information, role in the organization or project, the intended outcome. Perhaps another speaker in the EcoValue network is better suited?

If you invite Miriam, she will adjust her speech to your event. Always combining visuals and sounds from forests and oceans with the daily reality of the people in front of her. With their project or product. Because everyone has an impact, and only together can we make the transition to a truly sustainable economy.

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