Interim Management

One of your managers leaves and you don’t have a replacement yet. Or you have a new program, but not the person to lead it.

An interim manager can bridge the gap. Someone who has experience leading diverse teams. Who can dive in and go full speed ahead. Allowing you to find the right person for the longer term.

For IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative, Miriam van Gool bridged such a gap. As interim director of the Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes, she helped set up this innovative program in 2014. The team invited organizations from all over the world to suggest landscapes based on a clear guidance memo. A Board was set up to ensure expert guidance. Landscapes were selected and scoping missions initiated, before hand-over to the new manager.

In early 2016, Miriam worked with UTZ and a major coffee & tea producer. Their goal: move the entire supply chain to more sustainable production. A small team focused on implementation, regular management meetings were held for key decisions. After five months, the first phase was completed on schedule, including a handover to the new manager.

Similar interim work was done for WWF (from a global fisheries strategy, to a seafood campaign launch in Barcelona, to the development of ASC), and for IUCN NL (including strategic advice on their work with the private sector).

Looking for someone to bridge the gap? Click the Contact button. Miriam will help you directly, or refer you to someone who can.